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i'm a college freshman, i got a call that said mastercard is entering people into drawings to win prizes, and all i had to do was pay for some magazines.i agreed with it like an ***.

i had a feeling that something was fishy because they don't have a website, they do EVERYTHING over the phone, and when they talk to you, they talk really really fast. the next day they charged me $39.95 out of my account, they did that EVERY WEEK until they took all the money out of my account. i called to tell them that they clearly don't realize that i'm just a college and i won't be able to keep paying that much on a weekly basis. they kept telling that they already finalized the order.

who pre-orders $1,000+ worth of magazines? they sent me a cancellation letter and they said i have up to three days to cancel, by the time that letter came to me it was already 3 days. this is nothing but a scam. they said that because i'm a student i can receive a discount which brought my total down to $377.00.

i paid that as soon as i got my next paycheck. they did a voice-recording confirmation but i wanted it in writing. they mailed me the statement. i thought i was free, but ever since i gave them my number and card info i receive nothing but phone calls all across america (206-445-6643, 812-652-2145, 312-286-2614), just to name a few.

NOW i have a different magazine company (Coast to Coast Renewal Services) trying to do the same thing to me. they said that their company is located in Huntsville, Alabama. i know that's a lie. A "supervisor" named Stephanie told me that i can cancel my renewal, but i kept telling her that i never even authorized this company to take money out my account.

she said all i had to do was say yes to three questions and no to the last question, which was to renew my services, she asked THIRTEEN QUESTIONS and never asked to cancel my subscription. after i said yes she said "thank you for your cooperation and have a great day", then hung up. i know Coast to Coast is a scam because she called after business hours. that's what it said when i tried to call back.

now i have to wait until tomorrow. they are taking money out my account, have my demographic, debit card info, and my phone number. which i never gave to them before ever. so i'm just going to assume that Resource Magazines and every other magazine scamming company pass around their client's info.

this *** is ruining my credit score before i even have a chance to get it high. i'm going to call my bank tomorrow to see if i can do something about this. i've been scammed before (Force X) so i hope that they can help me again. i might just have to get a new card.

Stephanie called me from 812-652-2145 but their number is 888-299-7302, she also said that her extension is 2808.

i learned my lesson.never give out info over the phone and hang up if they start talking fast.

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Byron, Michigan, United States #703036

Have u received any mags? I have but they won't stop sending even after I canacled and they even said it was.., y am I still getting magz?

Lilburn, Georgia, United States #672913

Wow...they told me the same story. i didn't know they were called Resource Magazine

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